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About Ricksteel Fabrications

Ricksteel Fabrications is based in Stawell, Western Victoria. We are a family owned Australian company employing local people.

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Family Run Business

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About Ricksteel Fabrications

Ricksteel Fabrications Pty Ltd is a family run business established in 1991 by Jeff and Annmarie Rickard.

Jeff started in the industry as an apprentice in 1979 and completed in 1983 and has been in the industry since (41 years). He has worked in manufacturing, construction, mining and out in the field.

Initially started in Ararat Jeff built up a good working relationship with Ararat and district but moved to Stawell after a few years as it was his hometown. Ricksteel still services Ararat and District as well as Horsham and Stawell District.

Over the year’s equipment has built up with the workshop now having the ability to cut and press up to 3mx12mm plate, roll up to 2” pipe and flats and angles. Plasma cut and punch and shear to large capacity.


Ricksteel are general fabricators with sound relevant knowledge and experience in all aspects of fabrication manufacturing and construction. We are comfortable and familiar working with mild steels, alloy steels, stainless steels, and aluminium alloys.

We offer workshop manufacturing and repairs, construction site works, remote location installation, mining, and quarry works. Ricksteel has the gear to service all.

We employ skilled personnel, both qualified and trained on-the-job, who show common sense, motivation, and dedication to the work to achieve a high quality within the industry. Ricksteel Fabrications is fiercely proud of its hard-earned reputation for thoroughness, quality of work and delivery of work on time.

“Our focus is on safely producing quality work and products for our customers.”


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